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Playing Tessa's Tombstone Trivia is as easy as drawing your six-shooter. Gather your friends and family, open the laser-etched pine box, and dive into the world of Tombstone, in what was then Arizona Territory. Each player takes turns drawing a coffin-shaped trivia card and answering the multiple-choice question. If you answer correctly, you'll earn a silver nugget. But beware, if you answer incorrectly, your opponents may have a chance to toss the dreaded noose at you! The player with the most silver nuggets at the end of the game wins. Get ready for a thrilling Wild West adventure!

a road with buildings on the side
a road with buildings on the side
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About the Game

Test yourself... Do you have what it takes to avoid and ultimately survive the Hangman's Noose? Just exactly how well do you know the Town Too Tough to Die?

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Tombstone, Arizona with Tessa's Tombstone Trivia. This exciting game takes you on a journey through the Cochise County's own Tombstone... formerly known as Goose Flats! Testing your knowledge with phenomenal trivia cards. All the game pieces and cards are beautifully contained within a pine box.

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Game Features

Tessa's Tombstone Trivia offers an entertaining experience for trivia enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With its unique shaped trivia cards and the opportunity to win silver nuggets, this game brings the Ol' Wild West to life. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! And just remember... the noose lies there... patiently waiting to claim its next victim!

About Tessa's Tombstone Trivia

Tessa Mauro is the proud creator of Tessa's Tombstone Trivia. Every year she travels to "the town too tough to die," where she spends time with the locals, many she has become friends with, and historical locations like the Bird Cage, the Oriental Saloon, etc Her passion for this old west town was motivation to create this fun trivia game... So have fun and join in on the noose show down!

Unearth the Secrets of Tombstone with Tessa's Tombstone Trivia!

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