How To Play

Fan out the coffin shaped cards facedown, creating a decent sized oval/circle with space inside. Place the wooden box containing the 'gold nuggets' in the circle of cards, then scatter the 'silver nuggets' around the box. Place the noose and red sashes off to the side, but in view so players see that it's waiting to claim the next victim!

The goal is to be the first one to receive 15 (or what ever number you want) silver nuggets. For every 5 nuggets you collect, you will be given 1 gold nugget from the wooden box (do not trade in the silver for the gold, keep your silver!) As the first person receives the gold, look around the table and check everyones silver count. The people with the less silver are given a red sash, meaning they just turned into one of them wild Cochise County Cowboys! No fret, if you get more silver and catch up to the winner, you get to ditch the sash!

Having fun and don't want to stop playing? Create your own number and keep on goin'!

Another fun way to play is choose a person to be the host/question reader. Hand out the A-D cards to people and everyone gets to answer, putting down the card (A-D) that you think is the correct answer.

Begin reading the cards to one another. If the person being asked knows the answer and does not need the multiple choice answers read to them, and answers correctly, they get 2 silver nuggets. If answered right but need the answers read, they get 1 silver nugget! At the end of the game, the Winner gets the remaining gold nuggets, bragging rights, and they get to throw the noose at the person who has the less nuggets AKA the Loser!


Whether you play at home or a friends house or go to your favorite watering hole (bring a designated driver)... I prefer The Oriental Saloon and Doc Holliday's Saloon... and get your Tessa's Tombstone Trivia game on! Chug-a-lug if you get the answer wrong. Hell, if you're thirsty, and doing good, drink when you pick the right answer... just don't get too drunk and lose your silver and gold or you very well may get the noose thrown at cha! (Not responsible for injury or loss of dignity!)

In every single box of Tessa's Tombstone Trivia you will find:

  • 200 Coffin shaped trivia cards with multiple choice answers

  • 1 Mini burlap bag containing 100 'silver' nuggets

  • 1 Mini burlap bag containing 50 'gold' nuggets

  • 1 Small wooden box (bag of gold inside)

  • 1 Small wooden box (A-D cards - 5 of each inside)

  • 5 Red cowboy sashes

  • 1 Mini pad for keeping count of who loses and who wins!

  • Dreaded Losers Noose!!

Please be aware that Tessa's Tombstone Trivia does contain small pieces that are considered a choking hazard, so please keep all game objects in the box while not in use and keep away from those precious kiddos!

Enjoying the game? Take pictures and videos then share them on Tessa's Tombstone Trivia Facebook page!